Record numbers attended this increasingly popular music festival. It simply would not be possible without the participation if many people, which we will try to thank here.

Though impossible to name every steward and ticket taker, suffice it to say that we, the organizing committee are indebted to at least 100 individuals for practical and financial support, which is especially remarkable when one considers that this figure makes up nearly 15% of the total village population. Well done Ballydehob!

A couple names worth mention because their countless volunteered hours can go unnoticed: Graphic Deisigner Jonathan Parson and Web Designer Paul Goode for skilled creativity, refreshing efficiency and boundless generosity. Under appreciated are the behind-the-scenes image builders who are integral in reaching the attention of sponsors, press and audience.

Also, we are grateful for Noeleen Murphy, Noreen Dalton and the Ballydehob Community Hall committee who heroically thwarted festival disaster in the area of licensing and mind-numbing red tape.

We are especially appreciative to Garda and local resident, Jonathan McCarthy. His personal commitment offered residents a certain amount of relief as we grapple with the challenges that come with accommodating larger crowds of young people. Thank you to the Garda Siochana for confiscating drink, maintaining calm and offering an authoritative presence this year. Festival organisers are looking forward to nurturing this relationship as we strategise for future events.

The Ballydehob Jazz Festival organizing committee officers – Gentle Mark Moriyama (chair), capable Fiona Ashley (artistic director), earnest Siobhan Heapes (secretary), enthusiastic Susan Coughlan (PRO), steadfast Mark O’Mahony (funding), shrewd Steven Donsbach (treasurer) – and our support team including Barry O’Brien, Noreen Dalton, Ann Moriyama, Donal Levis, Jess May and Dick Miles might as well go on ahead and hug yourselves appreciatively cuz we worked hard with limited resources for impressive results.

In addition to an outpouring of local sponsorship the Ballydehob Jazz Festival are granted funds by the Arts Council and the Ballydehob Community Council as well as major subscription by Febvre Wines Ltd, Molson Canadian Lager, Micahel Satke, William Bollinger and Camier’s Gala as well as substantial subsidization for music by the Irish Whip, Vincent Coughlan’s, O’Brien’s, Rosie’s, Sandboat, Levis’ Corner Bar and the West Cork Gourmet Store.

Well done all,
Sarah Canty – Assistant Chair

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