The Art Crimes Band

The Art Crimes Band is an Irish-based music collective specializing in World Fusion music. The Art Crimes Band formed in 2010 under the name The Purple Cabaret Band to play & compose music for Hip Circles Bellydance’s Vaudeville Theatre & Dance production entitled The Purple Cabaret, featuring a cast of over 30 international artists at a sold out charity show in Firkin Crane. The band continued to work together, composing, recording & producing music. Currently the band & renowned Burlesque performer Foxy P.Cox collaborate for theatre & festival productions. The Art Crimes Band draws from the diverse & varied musical backgrounds of it’s members to create unique & fresh sounds. The group also performs as a stripped down format for more intimate smaller venues & pubs under the title “The Art Crimes Acoustic Band”.


The Arts Crimes Band 3

The Arts Crimes Band 2

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