Cookie and The Vaudevilles

Five distinctive musicians whose original sound and lyrics are a melting pot of their individual influences and worldwide experiences.

With hints of Jazz, hues of the Blues, a peppering of Rock, the finesse and style of the Classics and the sizzle of musical theatre, Cookie and The Vaudevilles have a proven appeal to every audience.

And it’s not just the music and lyrics that keep audiences shouting for more; it’s that “je ne sais quoi”, the lively scene, the wink and wiggle and the pure expression of emotion that is shared with everyone in the room.

Whether you meet them in a little old pub, a Parisian cafe, an outdoor festival or a concert hall, you’ll leave with a spring in your step, itching to groove to the sound of Cookie and The Vaudevilles.

Catch them playing at Rosies on Saturday night at 10pm.