New Orleans Style Jazz Funeral in Ballydehob Saturday at 6pm

*NEW ADDITION** to the Ballydehob Jazz Festival this year…a New Orleans style Jazz Funeral…this is march down the village accompanied by as many of the musicians playing in the festival as possible. Music starts off slow and sombre..but builds up to a wild and raucous crescendo where everyone is encouraged to “ cut the body loose “ in a celebration of life.

Calling everyone in the village to join the march!

FANCY DRESS would be fun..overall theme is prohibition era/ 1920s/ Jazz…its loose…Perhaps a handkerchief or a parasol to twirl…
but most importantly bring your self and your shakin’ booty.

Please share the event with anyone you think would enjoy.

This will be a joyous fun filled event where you can let loose your inner Jazz ! There will be a few surprises too along the way