Rhythm Lord Brothers

Traditional jazz, The Roaring Twenties, The Big Band Swing Era, speakeasies, house rent parties, vaudeville shows, flappers, ragtime, women smoking cigarettes, sexual emancipation, gangsters, hedonism, and Prohibition symbolize what is also known as The Jazz Age. Despite all the careless behavior, illegal liquor and raucous parties, all of this delicious debauchery never lost its proper form or posture; dodgy cats in dapper clothing, improper looks within respectable conversations, a composed temper in the eye of the hurricane of decadence… That is the allure of Jazz.

Lord Mindaugas and Lord Arnas are united both by title and demeanour; driven by a love for The Jazz Age (Ages of Jazz) dance and music, as well as the whole culture that surrounds it. Under the A.K.A. of Rhythm Lord Brothers, they are committed to ferry their listeners almost a century back, to a time where a party was no paltry matter and a swinging dancer’s feet were never allowed to stop… ever.

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