Trio Balkan Strings

What an honour it is to have Trio Balkan Strings play the opening show of the Ballydehob Jazz Festival 2018 – This internationally virtuosic guitar trio who play in Concert Halls across the World will perform a gig at our Festival not to be missed by music lovers and aficionados

The Trio Balkan Strings are Zoran Starcevic and his two sons Nikola and Zeljko. They create original guitar music by fusing several Balkan styles — Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Mediterranean and Greek — with jazz, Gypsy swing, classical music, asymmetrical rhythms and original guitar interpretation. The three virtuosos together make music that is rich, unconventional, fresh, spontaneous and brimming with energy.

Trio Balkan Strings, create a universal language of its own, without frontiers. The trio has invented a dazzling technique that involves all six hands of the Starcevics playing on a single guitar simultaneously. They have performed at jazz, classical, guitar and world music festivals in the U.S., Canada and virtually every European nation except Ireland, that is until now. And Ballydehob Jazz Festival is proud to be the first to bring the virtuosos to Ireland .

Trio Balkan Strings have won first prize in the world music category of the USA Songwriting Competition and first prize (best instrumental ensemble) at the 2004 Internacionale Fivizzano in Italy. No less than the legendary guitarist John McLaughlin said, “Trio Balkan Strings’ dedication to the music of the Balkans and central Europe is inspiring.”