2018 is going to be an amazing festival – here are some of the acts we have lined up for you

HOME JAZZ BAND featuring Milda Stasaitytė.

 Who better to rule the roost at the Moonshine Shindig than the returning heroes, travelling all the way from Vilnius, Lithuania -The Home Jazz Band. This Year also featuring the enigmatic lead vocalist Milda Stasaitytė. This band will have swing dancers tearing up the dance floor all night long. 

 Home Jazz Band are an innovative and playful traditional  jazz and swing band from one of the most important places in the Jazz revival: Vilnius, Lithuania. Consisting of some of the best jazz musicians and guided by their band leader &  international jazz dance instructor, Mindaugas Bikauskas, Home Jazz Band is a perfect match for dancers and people who love a Hot Jazz Party. The band rediscover old jazz songs and spices them up with a  hopping New Orleans flavour and the Swinging Style of Golden Era Jazz. Their concert is an easy time machine ticket back to the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Every song is a different story told by young musicians with old souls. This music will light up your heart, put a smile on your face and move your feet like they’ve never moved before.

Milda Stasaitytė, best known as the face and voice of traditional jazz band “Rhythm Junkies”, spices up Home Jazz Band at it’s best. Her very original, raw and passionate way of singing is renowned in the international swing scene. Influenced by her favourite singers Bessie Smith, Billie Holliday and Meschiya Lake, she takes jazz to a new level of originality by being very authentic at the same time.

TRIO BALKAN STRINGS  What an honour it is to have Trio Balkan Strings play the opening show of the Ballydehob Jazz Festival 2018 – This internationally virtuosic guitar trio who play in Concert Halls across the World will perform a gig at our Festival not to be missed by music lovers and aficionados The Trio Balkan Strings are Zoran Starcevic and his two sons Nikola and Zeljko. They create original guitar music by fusing several Balkan styles — Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Mediterranean and Greek — with jazz, Gypsy swing, classical music, asymmetrical rhythms and original guitar interpretation. The three virtuosos together make music that is rich, unconventional, fresh, spontaneous and brimming with energy. Trio Balkan Strings, create a universal language of its own, without frontiers. The trio has invented a dazzling technique that involves all six hands of the Starcevics playing on a single guitar simultaneously. They have performed at jazz, classical, guitar and world music festivals in the U.S., Canada and virtually every European nation except Ireland, that is until now. And Ballydehob Jazz Festival is proud to be the first to bring the virtuosos to Ireland . Trio Balkan Strings have won first prize in the world music category of the USA Songwriting Competition and first prize (best instrumental ensemble) at the 2004 Internacionale Fivizzano in Italy. No less than the legendary guitarist John McLaughlin said, “Trio Balkan Strings’ dedication to the music of the Balkans and central Europe is inspiring.”



Ballydehob Jazz Festival welcomes Barrence Whitfield & The Savages –  A full on Soul man coming this far West will be the spark  igniting Saturday’s Party taking the Festival Hall to new Heights.  Barrence Whitfield is a full-throttle soul screamer in the spirit of Little Richard, Wilson Pickett, and Solomon Burke. Described as the owner of an incredible pair of lungs, with limitless energy and unmatched enthusiasm for his music and his audience , Whitfield is a performer so consumed with satisfying his audiences that he has been called ‘Crazed, Frenetic and completely Unhinged’ !!

Barrence Whitfield & The Savages shot out of Boston in the mid-‘80s with the force of a Cannonball and created sweaty dance party shows and a love of primal soul.  Along with original Savage Peter Greenberg (The Lyres, DMZ) and Phil Lenker, they released several records and became a favourite of BBC DJ Andy Kershaw. They also toured with the likes of Bo Diddley, Tina Turner, and George Thorogood, and won seven Boston Music Awards. They reunited in 2011 with new Savages Andy Jody on drums, and Tom Quartulli on sax. They performed live on famed late night music TV program Later…with Jools Holland on the BBC in 2013.  Perhaps the world is ready for them this time around.

Barrence Whitfield & The Savages release a new album ‘Soul Flowers of Titan’ this Spring on Bloodshot Records which is oozing with sleazy sax solos and slinky guitar riffs. Barrence’s vocals and lyrics invite the listener to join him in the kind of groovy dive bar that rarely exists nowadays, one where the good times rarely stop and the cocktails flow like wine. ‘Soul Flowers of Titan’ is an all too relevant meditation on people separating, coming home (someday), falling in love, running around, leaving this earth, going crazy, drinking coffee, and thinking about Sun Ra.


DANCE WORKSHOPS Will again form a central part of this years festival programme. The Jazz Dance Workshops are open to all. Our guest dance teachers have put a short, fun and concentrated program together for absolute beginners of all ages- their “Zero to Hero” workshops will put everyone one at ease, teaching simple skills for partner dance, and fun tricks for solo dancing, to get everyone ready to hit the the Festival Club with jazzy style in the spirit of the New Orleans Ballrooms.


Keep an eye out on our news section for any new acts added to the bill